Esod (Tutorial Village) —> Spirit Woods

Forest of Beasts

L01 Waldchen (Town)
L01 Zapir Lake —> Forest Entrance
Collapsed Castle Ramparts
L15 Path of the Alchemist —> Beast Cave

Etherain Sewer

L20 Tringel
L25 Incomplete Memorial

Passage of Chaos
Solemn Hallway
Rusty Floodgate Sewer
L30 West Sewer Maze —> East Sewer of Maze

Frozen Palace

L35 Etherain
L45 Sanctuary of Fortress

Snowy Plains
L50 Tower of Ruins
Frozen Garden —> Ice Crystal Palace

Valley of Dragonkin

L55 Graveyard of Ancient Dragon
L60 Karwan's Crater

Red Lava Valley
Wailing Valley
L65 Crater of Blood

Aiort Graveyard

L75 Aukra
L75 Graveyard of Pain

Castle Ruins
Heretical Basement Altar
Outside Accursed Stone Chamber —> Inside Accursed Stone Chamber
L90 Outside the Prison of Lost Souls —> Inside Prison of Lost Souls

Helron's Castle

Nirvelle Swamp
L95 Bronze Moon City