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Any Weapon or Armor can be enchanted.

+0~+6 Low, No Shine
+7~+9 Medium, White Shine
+10~+11 High, Silver Shine
+12 Max, Golden Shine

Each Weapon or Armor require different amounts of materials, heim, and have different Success Rates.

The Success Rate and Heim/Materials Required is listed as you Enchant.


Additional Info

Low-grade Enchantment +1 to +6 100% success rate
Medium-grade Enhancement +7 to +9 75% max success rate
Requires Protection Crystal
High-grade Enhancement +10 to +12 50% max success rate
Chance that item is destroyed on failure
Requires Protection Crystal and Shining Crystal

Items Needed

T1 to T3 Weapons: Maxi Stone
T4 to T6 Weapons: Over Stone
T7 to T9 Weapons: Strength Stone
T10 Weapon: Mega Stone

T1 to T2 Armor: Maxi Stone
T3 to T4 Armor: Over Stone
T5 to T6 Armor: Strength Stone
T7 to T8 Armor: Mega Stone

Elite Weapons/Armor Low-grade: Mega Stone
Elite Weapon/Armor Medium-grade: Mega Stone + Over Stone + Protection Crystal
Elite Weapon/Armor High-grade: Mega Stone + Over Stone + protection Crystal + Shining Crystal

5,000H to craft a Maxi Stone (5 fragments)
20,000H to craft a Over Stone (6 fragments)
80,000H to craft a Strength Stone (8 fragments)
320,000H to craft a Mega Stone (10 fragments)
3,000H to craft a Protection Crystal (5 fragments)
5,000H to craft a Shining Crystal (6 fragments)
600H to craft a Protection Crystal (1 Protection Induct + 3 Garnet Crystals)
1,000H to craft a Shining Crystal (1 Shining Induct + 5 Garnet Crystals)