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Guide to Enchanting and Ranking Up Gear by tvONROP

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All armor and weapons have four types
Two of the types have stat requirements
Two of the types have stat/proficiency requirements
Divine items show up with a purple name and are better than normal items

Rank Up items before Enchanting

Rank Up

There are 10 ranks
Combine armor/weapons of same Rank and Enchantment grade to get stat bonuses
Items have to be (+1 to +6) OR (+7 to +9) OR (+10 to +12)
Items have to be the same type (both STR > VIT not STR > VIT and STR < VIT)
Lowest Rank is E rank
Highest Rank is S+ rank
[E] —> [D] —> [C] —> [B] —> [A-] —> [A] —> [A+] —> [S-] —> [S] —> [S+]

To get Rank [A-], both [B] items must be enchanted to at least +7
To get Rank [S-], both [A+] items must be enchanted to at least +10


Increases the attack power of weapons
Adds Magical Attack power to weapons
Increase the defense of armor
Also increases the requirements
Slight boost to durability


Rank Up has a chance to add a socket to an item
Use Zards in Sockets


Convert armor and weapons into Garnet Stones