Level 115 Quest

This has been removed from the game.


115 Change up quest~ by Yummiez

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For the final quest, it's a solo dungeon. Once you use the item, it ports you to the dungeon.

I'll post up pics of the dungeon later on~ The vid I tried to record was all laggy, so I'll try to get
a couple pics from it later on! :x

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ E D I T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Pictures of the dungeon: http://img5.imageshack.us/g/17285808.png/

In the dungeon, you first start out on the path of m4 (Altar of darkness) first map. You have to
clear all the mobs on in order to enter the altar. (Don't bother with teleport, sometimes you miss
a trigger for a spawn of mobs, which you'll have to run back just so that the mobs will spawn for
you to kill.) Every mob in Gray Dungeon is level 115, including bosses.

Once you're able to enter the altar, you go to the room that's top right on the map, and the first
boss, Blader + mob company, will be there. The second room is the bottom right room with
Arch Archer + mob company. Third is bottom left - Demon Battler + mobs, and finally,
Dark Demon Swordsman on the top left room. Have fun with these bosses with the mobs! :X

When all bosses are dead, there will be a portal in the middle of the altar that will lead you to the
last map of the dungeon. Alpendu will be there along with a more mobs. x3