Altar Of Darkness

This is a basic walkthrough

Map 1

You have 10 minutes to destroy the Ether Compressor.
The Ether Compressor randomly spawns in one of the four rooms.

You need two teams for this part.
One team goes and kills along the eastern path.
The other team goes into each room and kills all the mobs.

The path team kills all the mobs on the eastern path to get an [Ether Purification Stone] to get into one of the rooms.
The room team clicks on the room seal, kills all the mobs in the room, and clicks on the statue.

If the statue was the Ether Compressor, a Portal opens in the middle of the large room.
If the statue was not the Ether Compressor, you have to kill all the mobs on the eastern path again to get into the next room.

This means you want to be able to kill all the mobs on the east path in 2 minutes or less and kill all the mobs in each room in about 2 minutes.
If you don't destroy the Ether Compressor, you have to restart the mission.

Map 2

There are multiple L100+ leader monsters and a L100 Boss in this room.
The monsters get increased attack power and decreased defense about every 20-30 seconds.
Kill all the monsters to get to the next room.

Map 3

This is the boss room.

Continue with Chapter 5: Aiort Graveyard