Conspiracy Of Iron Beast Tribe


1) Go all the way to the other end of the path and destroy the L11 Ether Seal
2) Go to the north end and click on the lever
3) Kill the boss

890H and 1,406xp
1,366xp pot

[Sub] Ether Seal

Patroller Malilane —> Manhunter Baden
1. Patroller Malilane is located inside a doorway on the right just as you enter
Kill [L11 Ether Seal]
- The Ether Seal is located at the other end of the area
1,860H and 0XP

[L9 Iron Beastman Archer]
[L9/10 Iron Beastman Warrior]

[L10 Beastman Sorcerer] x2
[L10/Leader Beastman Sorcerer]
[L10 Beastman Champion]
[L11 Ether Seal]
Destroying the Ether Seal spawns 2 [L20 Black Forest Sentry]
Also spawns the Sorcerer mobs

Go talk to Manhunter Baden

[Sub] Evil Sorcerer

Manhunter Baden —> Martina
Kill Evil Sorcerer
2,100H and 1,178XP, L1 Bravery Pot x3

L10 Warriors and Archers
L10 Watman
L10 Sorcerer x3
L10 Champion
L10/Elite Berserker

Pull the Lever to spawn the Evil Sorcerer
L9 Archers
L10 Watchman x2
L19 Black Forest Soldier x2
L20 Black Forest Sentry x8

[L12/Boss Evil Sorcerer] spawns pairs of L9/Leader Black Forest Soldiers

Mission Rewards
3,800H and 2,475XP
T0 Pants+4

Sorcerer Cormit is a General Store merchant
L2 Recovery Pots and Scroll of Recall

Exit the area using the Portal

Talk to Martina to get quest rewards

[Sub] Evil Sorcerer
2,100H and 1,178XP, L1 Bravery Pot x3

Mission Quest
6,360H and 4,124XP
Beast's Pledge Lv2
Grace of Goddess OR 3 Protection Crystals

Truth Behind the Conspiracy 1

Martina —> Elior
- Elior is located at the south end of the Field
1,860H and 4,945XP

Truth Behind the Conspiracy 2

Elior —> Guard Captain Heinrich (Zapir Lake)
1,980H and 4,945XP

Continue Chapter 1: Forest of Beasts