Etherain Sewer

[L35 Ghoul]
[L35 Zombie Raider]
[L35/Leader Zombie Raider]
[L35/Leader Ghoul]
[L35 Cursed Stone Statue]
[L37 Cursed Magic Seal]

Watch out for Ghoul/Ghoul Leader ambushes
Many ambushes in flooded passage going east
Go east past the two empty camps
Use the switch to open the gates to the south
Ghoul ambush after gate opens

Go into the room with the large pillar
Click on the wall to the northwest that leads to a camp
Kill the L35 mobs that spawn, includes 2 L35 Leader mobs
Pull the huge lever
Kill the [L35/Leader Keeper of the Seal] x2

[Sub] Assault Charger Jonnas

Assault Charger Oste —> Logicistic Officer Jonnas
Kill [L37/Captain Knous of the Bloody Armor]
5,790H and 22,420XP, L2 Recovery Pot x3

Large Ghoul ambush by skeleton on wall in northenmost room
Try to go under the sksleton to trigger mobs
Kill the L35 and L35/Leader Guardian of the Magic Seal
Kill all the guardians to block the seal
Take Portal to next area

Go past the first column to trigger an ambush
Captain summons pairs of L36/Leader Dark Skeleton Foot Soldiers
Go through the Portal

[Sub] Supply Support

Logicistic Officer Jonnas
6,270H and 22,420XP, L2 Wind Pot x3

[L36 Skeleton Archer]
[L36 Skeleton Foot Soldier]
[L36 Cursed Stone Statue]

Use switch to open gate and go through room
Go north and go into room on the west
Hit the switch, triggers a large sksleton ambush
Go into the room to the east

[Sub] Report from Messenger

Assault Charger Hass —> Messenger Bearbaum
6,750H and 22,420XP, L2 Wind Pot x3

Click on the switch behind Hass to trigger a Leader ambush
Ambush in the hallway when going north
Ambush at top of stairs

Various ambushes on way to Messenger Bearbaum

[Sub] Jos the Coward

Messenger Bearbaum —> Jos the Coward
7,230H and 22,420XP, L2 Wind Pot x3

Click on the doors next to Bearbaum
Kill the L36 mobs
Go through the Portal

[Sub] Dread Knight Kirsh

Jos the Coward —> Vice-Captain Wolfsburg
Kill [L38/Captain Dark Knight Kirsh]
7,710H and 22,420XP and Grace of Goddes

[L36/Leader Criminal Wanderer]
1 skeleton mabush by boss
Dark Knight Kirsh summons pairs of L37/Leader Dark Skeleton Foot Soldiers
Take Portal to Solemn Hallway

Ambush as you approach doorway
[L36/Leader Roaming Rebel]
Click on the sealed doorway at the north end of the room
Kill the [L37/Leader Guardian of the Magic Seal] x4
Go through the Portal to the next area

[Sub] Otto Von Roshfelt

Vice-Captain Wolfsburg —> Scout Captain Loran (East Sewer of Maze)
8,190H and 44,840XP and Grace of Goddess

Otto summons pairs of L38/Leader Dark Skeleton Foot Soldiers

Mission Reward
135,000H and 14,625XP
T4 Boots E+6

Talk to Scout Captain Loran for quest rewards

[Sub] Otto Von Roshfelt
8,190H and 44,840XP and 1 Grace of Goddess

Mission Etherain Sewer
15,540H and 179,360XP
Pledge of Waterway Lv4
Low Grade Soul Shield Scroll (Berserker) OR
Low Grade Soul Armlet Scroll (Dragon Knight) OR
Low Grade Soul Wing Scroll (Valkyrie) OR
Low Grade Soul Eye Scroll (Elementalist)
Low Grade Soul Defender Scroll (Shadow)?
- Berserkers, DKs, Valks, and Shadows can only wear one special accessory
- Elementalists can wear three
- You should already have the Lesser Special Accessory

Entering Etherain

Scout Captain Loran —> Turncoat (Etherain to the west of East Maze Portal)
5.110H and 89,680XP
Low-Grade Soul Defender Scroll (Shadow)

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