Foiled Conspiracy


1) Kill the two Contaminated Wolf by the roots
2) Go through the doorway and turn the wheel
3) Go through the next doorway and kill the two Gatekeepers
4) Kill L17/Leader Eye of Jawk Pagadu to open Portal
5) Go south and kill [L18/Elite Sorcerer Nafuku]
6) Continue south and click on the wheel to extend bridge
7) Go south and kill L18/Captain Chieftain Omadu
8) Return north and go through the Portal by Manhunter Erfurt
9) Kill [L17/Captain Chieftain Gromk] and [L18/Boss Ether Sorcerer]

1,330H and 2.205xp
2,417xp Pot and 8 Maxi Stoen Fragments

[Sub] Obstacle

Manhunter Delsberg —> Manhunter Ems
Kill Eye of Hawk Pagadu
2,400H and 0XP

[L14 Blue Thunder Sentry]
[L14 Fighter]
[L16 Archer]
[L17/Leader Archer]

Turn the wheel to disable the Poison Gas Trap

Approach the trees
Blocked by roots
[L16 Contaminated Wolf] spawn plus other mobs

Turn wheel at top of hill to disable Poison Gas Traps

Kill the [L16 Contaminated Wolf]
6 Lever Puzzle
1 6
3 2
5 4

Go through the Portal
[L15 Beastman Forest Wolf] x9
[L16 Beastman Forest Wolf] x5
[L17/Elite Alpha Wolf Oshuma]
- Exit the cave

Go through the archway
Seals shut behind you and release poison gas
Kill the 4 [L16 Contaminated Wolf]
[L17 Contaminated Wolf] x3
Turn the Wheel to continue

[L15 Blue Thunder Sentry]
[L17 Archer]
Root Trap

Kill the 2 [L17/Elite Blue Thunder Gatekeeper] to cross the bridge

[L16/Leader Fighter]
[L17/Leader Eye of Hawk Pagadu]

Talk to Manhunter Ems

[Sub] Order

Ems —> Manhunter Erfut
Go through the Portal
2,580H and 3,186XP, L2 Recovery Pot (+400HP) x3

Forest Entrance

Talk to Manhunter Erfurt
Turn the Wheel to diable Poison Gas Trap

[Sub] Chieftain Omadu

Erfurt —> Manhunter Erlangen
2,760H and 3,186XP, L2 Recovery Pot (+400HP) x3

South past the gate are log traps

[L17 Contaminated Wolf]
[L16 Iron Beastman Champion]
[L17/Leader Iron Beastman Sorcerer] x2

Poison Gas Traps to south

Approach pillars
Mobs spawn
[L18/Elite Sorcerer Afuku?]
[L16 Iron Beastman Sorcerer]
[L16 Iron Beastman Champion] x4
[L17 Contmainated Wolf]
Go south past pillars

[L17/Leader Iron Beastman Sorcerer]

Turn the Wheel to extend the bridge

[L17/Leader Beastman Sorcerer]
[L16 Beastman Sorcerer] x2
[L16 Contaminated Wolf]?
[L18/Captain Chieftain Omadu]
[L15 Black Ether Totem] x3

Talk to Manhunter Erlangen

[Sub] Search

Erlangen —> Erfurt
2,940H and 3,186XP, L1 Magical Power Pot x3

Go north and take uphill path on right
Use the lever to open the gate

Talk to Erfurt

[Sub] The Spell of Sorcerer

Manhunter Erfurt —> Guard Captain Nobel (Path of the Alchemist)
Kill Ether Sorcerer
3,120H and 3,186XP, L1 Magical Power Pot x3

Go through the Portal near Erfurt

[L16 Blue Thunder Fighter] x3
[L15 Blue Thunder Sentry] x4
[L17 COntaminated Wolf] x2
[L17/Captain Chieftain Gromk]
[L18/Boss Ether Sorcerer]

Mission Reward
6,800H and 3,712XP
T0 Armor +4

Use the Portal opposite the stairs to exit
Talk to Guard Captain Nobel for quest rewrads

[Sub] The Spell of Sorcerer
3,120H and 3,186XP, L1 Magical Power Pot x3

Mission Foiled Conspiracy
7,200H and 19,121XP
Beast's Pledge Lv3
5 Maxi Stones OR 5 Protection Stones OR 2 Cheetah Elixirs OR 1 Grace of Goddess

[Sub] Deciphering the Spell of Sorcerer

Guard Captain Nobel —> Wiseman Fritz
Fritz can be found to the west of Nobel
3,300H and 6,372XP, L1 Magical Power Pots x3

Failed Conspiracy

Guard Captain Nobel —> Alchemist Zernike
Zernike is in the southwest corner of the Field
2,280H and 19,121XP

Continue Chapter 1: Forest of Beasts