Frozen Palace

L59 and L61 mobs

[Sub] Blocked Road

Scout Vin —> Vin
Kill 2 [L59/Leader Snowflower Tree Woodman]

Go up the hill
Multiple L60 and L61 smobs spawn on hill once you get near the top
Run down hill away from mobs to lose aggro
Kill the 2 mobs
Click on the log pile by the edge of the cliff

[Sub] Scout Daniel

Scout Vin —> Scout Daniel

Kill the L60 mobs and L62 Leader
Watch out for mob spawns when passing through the L62 Black Ether Magic Seals

[Sub] Thawing Ice

Scout Daniel —> Daniel
Kill 2 [L62/Leader Ice Spirit]
Kill 1 [L63/Elite Greater Ice Spirit]

Go west to trigger the spawn

[Sub] To the Frozen Garden!

Scout Daniel —> Manhunter Willy
Kill [L62/Elite Officer Satard]
Kill [L63/Captain Hark of the Iron Horn]
Kill [L62/Leader Schutzwalt Guard] x2

Go east to the bridge
Click on the wheels on each side of the bridge to lower the drawbridge
Kill [L62/Elite Officer Satard]
Take the Portal into the castle

Kill [L63/Captain Hark of the Iron Horn]
Summons pairs of L57/Leader mobs
Watch out for Hark's AOE attack

Kill the [L62/Leader Schutzwalt Guard] x2
Guards also have AOE attack

Go through the Portal once the two guards are dead

Ambush when approaching Scout Willy

[Sub] Escape from Trap 1

Manhunter Willy —> Willy
Activate the lever in the southeastern corner of the garden
Kill the two [L63/Leader Ice Spirit]

[Sub] Escape from Trap 2

Manhunter Willy —> Willy
Activate the northwestern lever
Kill the 5 [L63/Leader Ice Spirits]

1 Ice Spirit spawns by the lever
The other 4 spawn to the south

[Sub] Escape from Trap 3

Manhunter Willy —> Manhunter Max
Kill 4 [L63/Leader Ice Spirit]

Just east of Max is an Ice Pillar Trap where you kill the four Ice Spirits

[Sub] Connecting the Bridge

Manhunter Max —> Manhunter Charles
Activate pulleys to extend the bridges

Click on the left pulley
Run to the right pulley before left pulley stops moving

[Sub] Defeat Follower Behilit

Manhunter Charles —> Manhunter Watson
Kill [L63/Leader Behilit's Shard]
Kill [L64/Leader Behilit's Shard]
Kill [L64/Elite Behilit the Follower]

Go into the northwestern tower and kill L63/Leader Behilit's Shard
Go into the northeastern tower and kill the other L64 Shard
Go to the top of the stairs and kill L64/Elite Behilit the Follower
Take the Portal into the castle

[Sub] Baron Von Ribich

Manhunter Watson —> Manhunter Sudan
Kill [L63/Leader Baron's Follower] x6
Kill [L65/Captain Baron Von Liebich]

1 Follower on the ground floor to the north
Go up the stairs to the next level
Each Follower summons a L63/Leader Ice Spirit
The other 5 followers are on the upper level
Baron Von Liebich summons pairs of L58/Leader Gatekeeper of the SNowy Plains
Go back to the ground floor and go through the Portal at the north

[Sub] To Room of the Northern Wind

Manhunter Sudan —> Advanced Troop Captain Mite
Kill [L65/Elite Escort Captain Heinrich]
Kill [L65/Elite Escort Captain Clyte]
Kill [L65/Elite Tablian the Priest]

Go to the east room first
Click on the west and east statues
Four L64 mobs spawn after clikcing on each statue
Click on the south statue
The gate to the room closes
Captain Heinrich spawns
Watch out for Heinrich's 550+ point AOE

Exit room
Watch out for the three pairs of L64 mobs that ambush

Watch out for the 500 AOE trap by the west door
Open gate to west room
Watch out for four L64 mobs ambush
Click on the north statue to spawn Clyte
Clyte and the L65 mobs all have an AOE attack

Go back to the main room
Kill L65/Elite Tablian the Priest
The L65/Leader mobs have an AOE attack
Take the Portal to the next area

[Sub] Master of the Frozen Palace

Advanced Troop Captain Mite —> Snowy Fields Vanguard Division Captain
Kill [L66/Elite Elronsawe the Chamberlain]
Kill [L65/Elite Straugen the Steward]
Kill [L67/Boss Erich Schutzwalt]

Kill L66/Leader Guardian Rowalt
Kill L66/Leader Guardian Vircene
Approach the dias to spawn the Chamberlain and the Steward

Erich has multiple AOE attacks that do 700+ damage each

Mission Rewards
310,000H and 31,500XP
T5 Protector +6

Talk to for quest rewards

[Sub] Master of the Frozen Palace

25,920H and 637,730XP
1 Pledge of Snowy Plains Lv4
3 Strength Stones OR 5 Maxi Stones OR 3 Protection Crystals OR 1 Over Stone

To Etherain

Snowy Fields Vanguard Division Captain —> Etherain Castle Gate Guard Captain Alkan
9,920H and 382,622XP

Continue to Chapter 4: Valley of the Dragonkin