Hidden Danger

Walkthrough is incomplete


Map 1 The Hall of Crystal

L90 Cursed Believer
L91/Leader Cursed Believer

Get Fanatic's Torch from mobs
Light the four unlit torches/crystals in the room

Kill the L91/Elite Cursed Fanatic that spawns in the center f the room
Other mobs spawn with the Elite mob
Go through the portal to the next map

Map 2 Heretical Basement Altar

L90 Cursed Soldier
L91 Cursed Archer
L92/Leader Cursed Soldier

Take the passage going north
500+300 toxic gas traps in the north hallway at the top of the stairs

Go up the stairs and into the north room
Click on the skeleton on top of the tomb
L93/Captain Warrior of the Altar spawns by tomb
Two L92/Leader Guard Dogs spawn by tomb
L92/Leader Guard Dog of the Stone Statue spawn from the 6 statues
Kill the Captain
Go back to the room with the two staircases
Go to the southeast corner of the room
Go through the secret door into the passageway

Click on the crystals to release a L94/Leader Dimension Scarecrow
Destroy all four crystals
Destroy the L90 Ether Crystal to get Ether Crystal Fragment

The Stone Plate Puzzle (east)

1) Face east, plate on the right (two people)
2) Face south, left plate (cow head)
3) Face southm right plate (three trees)
4) Face east, left plate (grapes)

L92/Leader guard dogs spawn from statues when you exit room

Go to the west room
The Stone Plate Puzzle (west)

1) Face north, right plate (grapes)
2) Face south, left plate (three trees)
3) Face north, left plate (cow head)
4) Face south, right plate (two people)

L92/Leader guard dogs spawn from statues when you exit room
Kill the L93/Elite Cursed Gatekeeper
Go into the small north room and click on the statues
Go up the stairs to the south to the hallway
Go to the east end of the hallway
Wak between the statues to spawn the L94/Captain Guard Dog of the Stone Statue
Kill the Captain

Go through the east wall into the passage
There are four more Ether Crystals in the passage
Destroy the two L92 Ether Crystal at the end of the passage to get Ether Crystal Fragment 2

Follow the path to the circle
Exit the circle and go west, spike trap in the corner of the hallway

In the north hallway go down the stairs and head west
Go through the the northwest doorway into the tunnel
Destroy the L92 Pile of Rocks at the bottom doorway
Destroy the three crystals along the path
Get Ether Crystal Fragment 3 at the end of the tunnel

The next roomhas pillars
Click on the pillars
One of the pillars drops the Fragment of Light
Ambush/traps triggered by other pillars

Exit the room by going up the stairs to the west
The middle stairscase is blocked
Go south and go east into the smaller room
Destroy the L92 Light Pillar on the left (North) to get a Fragment of Light

Use the two Fragments of Light to get into the large center room
Kill L94/Captain Returned Fanatic
Destroy the Ether Statues to get Ether Crystal Fragment 4
Go to the west hallway and go south
Spike trap at bottom of stairs
Go east down the hallway
Click on the fountains halfway down the tunnel at the bottom of the stairs

Talk to Weinburg the Graveidgger to complete the Fanatic's Helm quest
Fanatic's Helm Quest is repeatable

Go into the next room
Kill L94/Captain Black Ether Incarnation
The Captain heals
Go through the Portal

Walkthrough is incomplete

Mission Rewards
110,000H and 43,000xp
T8 Boots +4

Continue with Chapter 5:Aiort Graveyard