Hidden Passage

Mission Hidden Passage

Talk to Hanelone

[Sub] Secret Door

Hanerlone —> Manhunter Hagen
Kill 2 Waterwy Searcher
- Go south and click on the brazier to light the flame
- Kill the 4 [L22 Skeleton Assault Charger] and [L22 Waterway Searcher]
- Repeat for the other brazier
- Talk to Manhunter Hagen
4,130H and 0XP

[Sub] Sewer Searcher 1

Manhunter Hagen —> Manhunter Halrey
Kill 2 Waterway Searcher
4,470H and 7,671XP, L2 Recovery Pot x3

Click on the Switch by Hagen
Go through the gate before it closes
Clear the mobs
Kill [L27/Captain Waterway Knight]
- Waterway Knights have a powerful AOE attack that does 200-300 damage
Click on the brazier
Kill the mobs to open the gate to the southeast
Go through the gate
Click on the next brazier and kill the mobs that spawn
Go back and click on the switch to open the gate

Fight through the two ambushes
Kill the [L27/Captain Waterway Knight]

Take the north path
Kill the mobs
Use the Switch to open the gate

Go into the room with the water pillar and the two Waterway Knights
Clear the mobs
Kill the [L27/Captain Waterway Knight] to the south
Go south to Manhunter Halrey

[Sub] Sewer Search 2

Manhunter Halrey [typo] —> Manhunter Hessen
Kill 2 Waterway Searchers
4,810H and 7,671XP, L2 Recovery Pot x3

Click on the brazier and kill the mobs
Go back to the big room and take the northwest path past the collapsed wall
Clear the mobs in the room
Click on brazier and kill the mobs
You can click on the Stone Pillar, not sure what it does
Talk to Manhunter Hessen

[Sub] Sewer Searcher 3

Manhunter Hessen —> Manhunter Holstein
5,150H and 7,671XP, L2 Bravery Pots x3

Go back to the big room and kill the Waterway Knight to the north
Take the north path
Run through the spike trap (does damage as you run past the spikes)
There are three ambushes on the stairs
The third ambush has twice as many mobs as the regular ambushes
Talk to Manhunter Holstein

[Sub] Sewer Searcher 4

Manhunter Holstein —>
Kill 2 Waterway Searchers
5,490H and 7,671XP, L2 Bravery Pots x3

Click on the nearest brazier and kill the mobs
Click on the Stone Pillar after clearing the mobs
Go north and clear the next brazier
Go back and talk to Holstein

[Sub] Sewer Watchman Balter

Manhunter Holstein —> Scout Jun
Kill Sewer Watchman balter
5,830H and 19,342XP, L2 Bravery Pot x3

Go into the next room and get locked in with a Waterway Knight
Kill the knight

Click on each switch
Three of the switches summons a large group of mobs
One switch activates a poison gas trap
Exit the room after clicking on all four switches

Kill the [L28/Captain Cursed Waterway Knight] in the next room
Go through the Portal by the dragon skeleton

[L28/Boss Sewer Watchman Balter]
Summons pairs of L22 Skeleton Warriors

Mission Rewards
T2 Protector+4
39,300H and 11,587XP

Talk to Scout Jun for Quest rewards

[Sub] Sewer Watchman Balter
5,830H and 19,342XP, L2 Bravery Pot x3

Mission Hidden Passage
11,600H and 58,026XP
Pledge of Waterway Lv1
1 Over Stone OR 5 Maxi Stone

Map of Sewer

Scout Jun —> Scout Captain Homer
4,340H and 58,026XP

Continue Chapter 2: Etherain Sewers