Rescue The Head Of The Dragonkin

[Sub] the Dragon Chieftain's Whereabouts

Rescue Team Leader Wanes —> Scout Agent Rina

Ambush at the first bridge

L75 Drake
L75/Leader Cursed Drake

Ambush at second bridge
L75 Lava Valley Archer
L75/Elite Flame Drake
L76/Elite Flame Empire Knight
L77/Captain Death Dragon Watchman

Ambush past third island
L75 Drakes, Mages, melee mobs
2 L76/Leader Cursed Valley Soldier

Falling Rock Trap when path starts to head north for about 500 damage

L75/Elite Flame Drake x2
L75/Leader Flame Drake x2

500 damage Falling Rock Trap

Ambush and 500 damage Falling Rock Trap when path starts going northeast
L76/Leader melee and L75 mobs
L76/Elite Flame Empire Knight

[Sub] Into the Volcanic Mist

Scout Agent Rina —> Search Agent Tami
4,300H and 0xp

Click on the curved spike sticking out of the wall to activate the bridge

Use a Wind Pot or Health Pots for the next part
Going through the Black Volcanic Mist is a 600 point damage DoT
The Black Volcanic Mist also extends to the southeast part of the platform

Click on the northeast Dragon Statue
Take 500 damage
L76 ranged mobs and L77/Captain Death Dragon Watchman spawn

Click on the southeast statue next
Nothing happens

Click on the southwest statue
L76 ranged mobs and L76/Elite Flame Empire Knight spawn
Massive trap in the center

Click on the northwest statue
L77/Captain Death Dragon Watchman
L75/Elite Flame Drake x2
L76/Elite Flame Empire Knight x4

Go through the northwest door
Kill the mobs on the platform to open the door going west

[Sub] Dangerous Portal

4,300H and 0XP
Search Agent Tami —> Scout Agent Harry

Go up the steps to the Portal to spawn monsters
L78 and L78/Leader
L78/Elite Flame Beastman

Killing the Elite spawns a second wave of mobs
Dozens of L76 archers
L77/Captain Death Dragon Watchman
Kill the Captain to open the west door

500 damage trap before Harry

[Sub] Enemy Behind Door

Scout Agent Harry —> Scout Agent Miguel
4,300H and 0xp

Click on the door to open it

Beyond the north door are a group of mobs
L78/Elite Flame Beastman x2
L77/Elite Flame Cerberus
L77 mobs
(Mobs can be killed through wall)

Click on the wheel to raise the rope bridge

[Sub] Breakthrough

Scout Agent Miguel —> Search Agent Darcy
4,300H and 0xp

Click on the door to spawn an insane amount of mobs
L76 to L78 melee and ranged mobs
L77/Elite Flame Cerberus x3
L78/Elite Flame Beastman x3
L77/Captain Death Dragon Watchman x2

Kill the two captains to open the door to the Portal
Take Portal to next map

Map 2

Search Agent Darsy (typo?)

[Sub] First Portal

Search Agent Darcy —> Search Agent Alex

Pass through 3 Black Smoke traps (600 damage each)

Use the switch on the wall to turn off the 1,000 damage flame traps
Kill the L79/Captain Death Dragon Volcano Knight to spawn second wave of mobs

Clear the mobs to the south
L78/Leader x2
L77/Elite Flame Cerberus 2
L79/Captain Death Dragon Volcano Knight
Go through the Portal to the next part of the map

[Sub] Trick

Search Agent Alex —> Alex
Kill 1 Death Dragon Guardian
Kill 2 [L79/Captain Death Dragon Volcano Knight]
4,300H and 0xp

L79 and L80 mobs
L80/Leader Mages
L79/Elite Flame Empire Archer x2
[L79/Captain Death Dragon Volcano Knight] x2
L79/Boss Death Dragon Guardian
Summons pairs of L76/Leader melee mobs

[Sub] Second Portal

Search Agent Alex —> Search Agent Fiss

Take the Portal to go back to the map
Take the path going west

The 6 switches
W ------------ E

If taken out of order:
4 - poison gas trap
5 - 1,000 damage?
6 - 500 damage
1 -
3 - 500 damage
2 - 500 damage

1,000 damage Lava Trap when exiting cave to the north

L79/Elite Flame Empire Archer in next cave
L79/Captain Death Dragon Volcano Knight
Go through the Portal to the north

[Sub] Continuing Trick

Search Agent Fiss —> Fiss
Kill L79/Boss Death Dragon Guardian
4,300H and 0xp

L79 melee mobs
L81/Elite red Flame Mage x 2

Additional mobs spawn every few minutes
I was able to get a total of three L80/Elite Flame Black Warriors to spawn
Not sure on exact trigger
L80/Elite Flame Black Warrior and L80 mobs

Kill the L79/Boss Death Dragon Guardian to open the exit Portal
Talk to Agent Fiss twice before leaving

[Sub] To the Last Portal

Search Agent Fiss —> Search Agent James
4,300H and 0xp

Ambush when exiting the cave
500 damage spike trap
L78/Elite Flame Beastman

2nd ambush when you get near the intersection on the minimap
500 damage spike trap
L78/Elite Flame Beastman

3rd ambush on lowest part of the path
500 damage spike trap
L78/Elite Flame Beastman

4th Ambush when path starts to go southeast
500 damage spike trap
L78/Elite Flame Beastman

5th Ambush
When path start to go uphill again
500 damage spike trap
L78/Elite Flame Beastman

[Sub] Perilous Uphill

Scout Agent James —> Search Agent Lila
4,300H and 0xp

The uphill path has 1,000 damage lava traps
3 traps before getting to some mobs

[Sub] Last Portal

Search Agent Lila —> Search Agent Bears
4,300H and 0xp

Click on the lever
Take the west path to the next lever
Kill the mobs by the switch
Two [L79/Elite Flame Empire Archer]
Click on the lever
Take the north path to the 3rd lever
Kill the mobs guarding the switch

Take the northernmost path to the next portal
There are persistent 200 damage black smoke traps along the path
Kill the L79/Captain Death Dragon Volcano Knight abd other mobs guarding the last portal

Take the Portal to the next map

[Sub] Rescuing the Dragonkin Chieftain!!

Scout Agent Bears —> Valkyrie Clan Scout Xena
5,100H and 0xp

L79/80 mob ambush on east side of room when approaching the "statue"
Click on the statue to spawn L80/Boss Death Dragon Master
The boss spawns about half a dozen L80 mobs to assist

Mission Rewards
T6 Pants E+4

Quest Rewards

[Sub] Rescuing the Dragonkin Chieftain!!
5,100H and 0xp

Mission Rescue the Head of the Dragonkin
31,860H and 769,330xp
Pledge of Dragonkin Lv3
3 Mega Stone OR L2 Mayan Jewel x3 and L2 Mayan metal x3

Mission Successful

Valkyrie Clan Scout Xena —> Manhunter Captain Ins
13,770H and 349,064xp

Over the Valley

Captain Ins —> Dragon Knights Manhunter Captain Arios (Crater of Blood)
13,770H and 349,064xp

Continue with Chapter 4: Ancient Valley of the Dragonkin