Scout The Valley Entrance

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DK Valley Scout the Valley Entrance level 80 Boss Seal Mage


NOTE: Still have to kill the boss

[Sub] Three Sealed Scrolls

Scout Captain Nillson —> Scout Dan
Kill [L69/Captain Drake Knight Messenger]
Kill [L69/Captain Drake Knight Messenger]
Kill [L69/Elite Drake Knight Vice-Messenger] x2

Click on Vashart, next to Nillson

[L65 Lava Valley Spearman]
[L68/Leader Lava Valley Spearman]
Use lever to lower bridge

[L65 Lava Valley Archer]
[L67/Leader Lava Valley Watchman]
[L65 Lava Valley Patrol] ranged

Bridge south of Scout Jack protected by two magic barriers

[L68/Elite Greater Drake Knight]

Go east of Scout Jack to the platform
Click on the scroll on the pedestal between the pillars
Go to the west and kill the L69/Captain
Go back and click on the scroll after Captain is dead

Go over north bridge past Scout Jack
A bunch of mobs spawn once you cross to other side
Go down the east path
The Bridge raises behind you
Go to the end of the east path
Click on the scroll between the pillars on the pedestal
Kill the L69/Captain and escort mobs
Approach the bridge
Kill the L69/Captain Guardian Warrior of the Drake Knights and escort
Go back and click on the scroll after Captain is dead
Go back towards Scout Jack

Go back to Scout Jack and go to the southwest bridge
Click on the lever
Kill the mobs that spawn
Go to the southeast bridge
Kill the mobs and cross the bridge
Head to the east
After engaging the two L69/Elites additional mobs are spawned
Kill the mobs in the area
Click on the scroll on the ground by the skull of the dragon skeleton

Head south
Ambush before the black smoke
L69/Elite Flame Cerberus
Another ambush when heading southwest

[L67/Leader Flame Cerberus]

Go to the south bridge and pull the lever
Go to the north bridge and clear the mobs
Pull a lever and kill the mobs that spawn
Pull the other lever and kill the remaining mobs
Two waves of mobs
Kill L69/Elite Drake Knight Gatekeeper

[Sub] Saving Rotools

Scout Dan —> Scout Mark
Kill [L68/Leader Dragonkin of Lava Valley] x5

Go into the valley south of Scout Mark
Barrier blocks your way north and many L67 Flame Drakes spawn
All the L68/Leader Dragonkin have AOE attacks
Click on Rotools
Go talk to Scout Mark

[Sub] Saving Rotools Complete

Scout Mark —> Scout Harigger

[Sub] Fleeing Drake Knights Chaser

Scout Mark —> Scout Mark
Defeat the Drake Knight Chasers
Kill [L70/Captain Dark Knight Chasers] x10
3,800H and 74,933XP

Head north, ambush triggered by going north of the 3-way fork
Deal with the 10 L70 Captains
Go north and talk to Scout Harigger

[Sub] Reconnecting Bridge

Scout Harigger —> Scout Jack
Kill 3 0L68/Leader Lava Valley Spearman
Kill [L69/Elite Drake Knight Gatekeeper]

Continue north and kill the mobs by the bridge
Kill the 3 Spearman to spawn the Gatekeeper
Gatekeepr spawns with about 8 additional mobs

Talk to Scout Jack
Click on woman next to Jack
Go north and cross the bridge
Go through the Portal to the next map

[Sub] Seal Mage at Lava Valley

Scout Captain Haidon —> 2nd Division Captain
Kill [L69/Elite Guardian Knight of the Drake Knights] x2
Kill [L69/Elite Drake Knight Trainee] x2
Kill [L69/Captain Drake Knight Shield Warrior] x2
Kill [L70/Boss Seal Mage of Lava Valley]

Ambush when going past the platforms
Get sealed in the area
Kill the two [L68/Leader Vice-Gatekeeper of Lava Valley] to escape

Go up the north path
Kill the mobs
Approach the north end and a totem appears
Mobs spawn in front of the totem
Kill the two L69/Elite Guardian Knight of the Drake Knights
Click on the Stone Statue of Dragon

Go back to the four-way intersection
Go up the stairs and head east
Go all the way to the wall, mobs spawn in front of the totem that appears
Kill the two L69/Elite Dragon Knight Trainees
Click on the Stone Statue of Dragon

Go back to the intersection
Kill the Flame Cerberus
Additional mobs spawn once all the dogs are dead

Clear all the mobs by the statues
Click on a statue and look for the corresponding hidden statue

Hidden Statues
328.72 | 280.96
286.89 | 301.52
313.60 | 313.39
372.37 | 305.58

Go down and cross the bridge going west
At the bottom of the stairs a bunch of mobs spawn to the west and the east

Drake ambush when heading south

Kill the [L69/Captain Drake Knight Shield Warrior] at the southern most part of the path

Ambush before getting to first island

Get on first island
A lot of mobs spawn and the bridge going back to the west disappears
Kill all the mobs on the island and the bridge reappears

Cross over to the island with the statue
Click on the statue

Mobs spawn and the bridge back to the west disappears
Kill all the mobs on the island
After the two [L69/Captain Drake Knight Shield Warrior] are dead, the boss spawns
The boss spawns with additional mobs
A Stone Statue spawns about every minute and summons additional mobs

Continue with Chapter 4: Ancient Valley of the Dragonkin