Tracking The Great Ritual


Map 1 Street of Plague

L80 Infected Mutant
L85 Cursed Contractor
L88 Iron Dark Warrior

Kill all the monsters between the start and the gate
The gate opens after all the monsters are dead

L80 to L88 mobs

Go north to the four-way intersection at the bottom of the stairs

West Path
Head south until the wall collapses
Kill monsters until you get 3 Fragments of Soul
Go north and click on the stone box
Mobs spawn
Kill the L92/Elite Dark Experiment Subject No. 12 to get Crystal of Soul

East Path
Head south and start killing monsters
Kill monsters until you have three SOul of the Dead
Go back to the northeast corner and click on the grave to spawn mobs
Kill the L92/Elite Blood-Curse Contractor to get the Crysta1 of the Dead

Head north to the doors
Mobs spawn
L92/Elite Dark Experiment Subject No. 12
L92/Elite Blood-Curse Contractor
Kill the Captain to open the Portal to the castle

Map 2 Inside the Castle

L85 and L88 melee mobs

There's a large ambush about halfway down the south corridor
It happens when right after you jump down

Ambush when starting to go north on either side of the pit

Ambush when going around west side of pit

Ambush when going over the stone bridge

The Great Altar

Go into the room on the east, the Library
Entering the library triggers monsters to spawn
Includes a L95/Leader and a L93/Elite?
Kill the monsters
Click on the red crystal to get the Seal of the Sun

Go down the west hallway
Past the rock is an ambush at the prison cells
Another ambush when going south by the prison cells
Approach the red crystal to trigger monsters
L93/Leader Gatekeeper of Hell
L95/Leader Death Sorcerer
Kill the two leaders
Click on the red statue to get the Seal of the Moon
Go back to the Great Altar

Click on the coffin in the center to spawn monsters
Kill the L97/Captain Sealed Destroyer
Go through the north hallway to the portal to the next map

Map 3 Anonymous Shelter

You may get attacked as sone as you zone

[L92/Elite No. 12] x2
L92/Elite Blood-Curse Contractor
L95/Leader Death Sorcerer?
Killing the L95 spawns many additional L92 Elite mobs

Killing the second L95 Leader spawns another wave of mobs
L97/Captain Soul Harvester
Kill the Captain to spawn next wave

L97/Captain Sealed Destroyer
Kill the Captain to summon the boss

T8 Gloves E+4

Continue with Chapter 5: Aiort Graveyard