Valley Of The Dragonkin

[Sub] Reconnecting Bridge at Lava Valley

Scout Green —> Scout Gey
Kill L82/Elite Patrol Captain of Lava valley
Kill L82/Elite Vice-Captain of Lava Valley
Kill L81/Leader Lava Valley Watchman
4,900H and 0xp

L79 Melee
L79/Leader Archer

L75 Drake Ambush when going north by the slime
Two L81/Leader Drakes
1,000 damage trap when exiting valley

L79 and L80 mobs
L79/Leader Guard Archer of Lava Valley
L80/Leader Flame Bercerus

Small ambush when heading towards northwest bridge

Skip the northeast bridges, both bridges are blocked
Second bridge collapses and triggers an ambush

Northwest Bridge
Ambush when crossing bridge
mobs spawn on both ends of the bridge

Lava trap between the middle east and west bridges
Both middle bridges are locked

600 damage rock trap when going from east to west along the east side

Kill the L85 Seal Beasts by the dragon
Kill the adds that spawn to the north after killing the first Seal Beast
Kill all the Seal Beasts
Click on the dragon
Pick up the Secret Document of Dragonkin that spawns by the dragon's rear legs

Head southwest
800 damage rock trap when going southwest
1,000 damage rock trap when going southwest

Kill the three elite mobs by the camp/bridge
L82/Elite Patrol Captain of Lava valley
L82/Elite Vice-Captain of Lava Valley
L81/Leader Lava Valley Watchman

Guard's Key lowers bridge going southwest

Small ambush when going northeast and just entering the ravine area
800 damage Lava trap and ambush when exiting ravine

[Sub] Defenders of Altar

Scout Gey —> Search Agent Ress
Kill L82/Elite Seal Mage of the Death Dragon
Kill L82/Captain Guardian of the Seal

Go to the east
Click on the statue on the altar to summon the L82/Elite Seal Mage
Kill the Seal Mage

Take the north path and head west
Go all the way to the northwest corner
Approach the statue to spawn the captain
Kill the L82/Captain Guardian of the Seal

Go back to the east bridge and go north

800 damage flame trap at end of bridge
800 damage lava trap before door
Go through the Portal to the next map

Map 2: Sealed Cave

[Sub] Advance

Search Agent Ress —> Scout Agent Kidd
Kill L83/Elite Guardian Beastman
Kill L85/Captain Death Dragon of Seal
4,900H and 0xp

Stand on the altars on the east and west sides to summon the L83/Elite Guardian Beastman
Kill the Elite Beastman to break the barrier to the south
Go south the spawn the mobs and L85/Captain
Captain summons pairs of L76/Leader melee mobs
Kill the Captain
Go through the Portal to the next map

Map 3 (Wailing Valley)

[Sub] Expert Archealogist Jones

Scout Agent Kidd —> Expert Archealogist Jones
4,900H and 0xp

L83/Elite Screaming Drake
Going into the canyon spawns additional mobs to the northwest by the island

900 damage rock trap at southwest end of canyon

[Sub] Broken Bridge and Four Horns

Expert Archealogist Jones —> Vin the Coward
4,900H and 0xp

The Four Horns

N    1 - Top of stairs
|    3 - Summons a pair of L83 totems
|    2 - Spawns 4 L82 melee mobs
S    4 - 600 flame trap x2

Cross the bridge
The faces on the wall emit a 600x2 damage flame trap

Click on the four statues around the dragon statue
Clicking on a statue summons three to four mobs
Clicking on all four statues summons a large group of drake mobs
Kill the L84/Leader Purified Drake to get the Drake's Essence
Use the Essence to get past the door to the northwest

Talk to Vin the Coward

[Sub] The Sealed

Vin the Coward —> Veteran Manhunter Bekkins
Kill L84/Elite The Sealed

Destroy the L84 seals along the path
There a couple of drake ambushes along the way, but just 1 or 2 mobs each
The Sealed spawns at the end of the path before the platform
Go up the stairs to the northeast
Click on the two statues
Kill the L85/Leader Purified Drake
Drake ambush at bottom of stairs
Go through the door to the west

Click on the lever to spawn some mobs

[Sub] Scroll of Unsealment

Veteran Manhunter Bekkins —> Veteran Scout Mulderk
4,900H and 0xo

Click on the sotne statue
Cross the bridge
Kill the L84/Captain Seal Mage of the Death Dragon
The Captain heals
Click the three statues to open the Portal to the next map

Map 4 Hall of Flame

[Sub] Mulderk and Scullin Entrapped

Veteran Scout Mulderk —> Veteran Scout Scullin
4,900H and 0xp

L85/Elite Death Dragon Commander

Click on a statue to the north
Go up the stairs
Click on the statue
Kill the L75 Summoned Spirits

Click on the statue to the south
Go up the stairs
Click on the statue
Kill the 2 [L84/Elite Dragonkin Watchman]

Talk to Scully ;D

[Sub] To Holy Place

Veteran Scout Scullin —> Scout Captain Miller

Click on the statue
1,200 damage flame trap from statue

Kill the L86/Captain Guardian of the Holy Ground
L84/Leader Drakes spawn from the four statues
L83 Totems around the center
1,200 damage flame traps around the inner ring
Go through the portal to the next map

Map 5 Crater of Blood

[Sub] Patrol result from Scout

Scout Captain Miller —> Elite Agent Ethan
Kill [L83/Leader Flame Drake] x5
Kill [l83 Flame Drake] x5
Kill [L83/Captain Queen Drake]
4,900H and 0XP

[Sub] Search result from Manhunter

Manhunter Captain Leon —> Elite Agent Ethan
Kill [L85 Sealing Energy] x2
Kill [L85 Sealing Energy] x2
Kill [L85 Sealing Energy] x3
4,900H and 0XP

Go into the big cave
Kill the leaders to spawn the Queen
Kill the Queen to exit the cave

Destroy the pile of rocks
A large group of Drake Leaders spawn in center of smaller cave

Watch out for the tiny L84/Leader mobs when taking the rocky path go upwards

Take the path to the west
Kill the mobs around the object
Click on the flaming object in front of the Urn
Kill all the monsters that spawn

Go back and take the north path
1,000 damage lava trap at end of path before last platform
Kill the L86/Captain Death Dragon Watchman
Kill the L86/Captain Vice-Captain of the Death Dragon
Kill the invisible L85 Sealing Energy
The Sealing Energy can heal the Vice-Captain and themselves
Try pulling the captain away from the platform

I'm missing 3 Sealing Energy before going through the Portal
** Search around before going through the Portal**

Go through the Portal

Map 6 Summit of the Sacred Land

Talk to Elite Agent Ethan

Go through the middle to spawn 4 [L85 Sealing Energy]
Kill all the mobs and the Sealing Energy
Talk to Elite Agent Ethan

[Sub] Last Battle

Elite Agent Ethan
Kill L86/Captain Captain of the Drake Knights
Kill L85 Sealing Energy x4
Kill L87/Boss Captain of the Drake Knights
6,500H and 0XP

L86/Elite Guardian Captain of Drake Knights
L86/Elite Mage Captain of the Dragon Knights
L86/Captain Captain of the Drake Knights
L87/Boss Captain of the Drake Knights

Mission Rewards
465,000H and 42,525xp
T6 Protector E+6

Quest Rewards

{Sub] Last Battle
6,500H and 0xp

Mission Valley of Dragonkin

Report of Reclamation

Captain Arios —> Liberation Army Messenger Zoltan
14,400H and 422,544xp
High-Grade Soul Defender Scroll
Mega Stone

Continue with Chapter 4: Valley of the Dragonkin