Chapter 1: Forest of Beasts

M1 Sinister Rumor [L7/Captain Cerberus] Zapir Lake
M2 Conspiracy Of Iron Beast Tribe [L12/Boss Evil Sorcerer] Forest Entrance
M3 Foiled Conspiracy [L18/Boss Ether Sorcerer] Path of the Alchemist
M4 Forest Of Beasts [L23/Boss Nivalith the Ice Dragon] Path of the Alchemist

Chapter 2: Etherain Sewer

M1 Hidden Passage
M2 Access Road to Etherain
M3 Grave of Siegel Knights
M4 Etherain Sewer

Chapter 3: Frozen Palace

M1 Restraining Imperial Messenger
M2 Battle at the Outskirts of the Castle
M3 Second Attack on Snowy Plains
M4 Frozen Palace

Chapter 4: Valley of the Dragonkin

M1 Scout the Valley Entrance
M2 Clue of Track
M3 Rescue the Head of the Dragonkin
M4 Valley of the Dragonkin

Chapter 5: Aiort Graveyard

M1 Tracking the Great Ritual
M2 Hidden Danger
M3 Toward the Hall of Darkness
M4 Altar of Darkness
M5 Aiort Graveyard

Chapter 6: Helron's Castle

M1 Tainted Shrine
M2 Black Ether Revealed
M3 Desperate Resurrection Ritual
M4 Helron's Castle