Pet Guide


Pets are a Non-player controlled item that follows your Character in-game.
Each pet requires the player to take care of it alongside themselves (responsibilty—"Oh no! Not in a game too!")

Every Class can have a pet.

Getting a Pet:

Pets are acquired through several ways:

-Bought from the Cash Shop (most common)
-Gifted from other Players
-Won as a prize in an Event
-Gained through the Lottery item: Box of Wonder (bought in the Cash Shop)
-100% AC Completion. Every Area has a Different Pet

-Only 1 can be summoned pet at a time, but the amount of Pets you have in your inventory is proportional to how many you have. Currently, once a pet is summoned for the first time—it cannot be Moved to Inventory, Traded, or Sold.

An example of a Pet summoned:


-The two Bars above the Pet's head stand for Satisfaction (Green) and Loyalty (Blue).
-Each have several factors causing these bars to increase or Decrease.
-These Bars should be sustained above 0/100 in-order to see the pet and the effects on the Player (See Below for more Information about Loyalty and Satisfaction. As well as Pet Feed)
-How the Pet bar should look:


-If you cannot see the bar—re-summon your pet/otherwise its a bug. Changing maps could help/effect seeing the bar.
-Pressing 'P' can toggle seeing the Bars as well. [Thanks "GoGo" for the information]


-Each pet has a Unique Bonus - this Bonus is a passive and is given as long as the pet is summoned.
-The amount Loyalty gives bonuses at 60% and 100% (depending on the pet—the bonus is different).

At 60%: Bonus 1 is given for as long as it is sustained
At 100%: Bonus 2 is given for 30 minutes - then dropped 30 points (70/100 then).

-Bonuses 1 and 2 do not stack, but Bonus 1 or 2 stacks with the Unique.
Example of Pet Bonuses:



-Satisfaction is marked by the Green Bar on top of your Pet.
-Satisfaction slowly drops outside of town—but not in town.

-Keep the Satisfaction above 1/100 at all times.
-If it falls to 0—you cant use it outside town unless you feed it or it slowly regenerates while you stay in town.

-To regain Satisfaction fast: Buy Pet feed. (See Below for Pet Feed Information)


Loyality is marked with the Blue Bar on top of your Pet.
-Loyalty are dropped also if you die in battle.
-Loyalty is raised when you are outside of town.

It increases slowly outside of town, and slightly faster if you are doing a Mission or Cursed Tower run. Completing Quests also factor to Loyalty.

Feeding your Pet:

-No one [should] prefer a dead pet in real life, or in this case: in-game. So, keep your Pet satisfied by buying Pet Feed!
-Pet Feed can be bought in General Goods Merchant or buying the Quality Pet Feed in Cash Shop.

-The General Goods Merchant sells 1 Regular Pet Feed for 5000 heim. It restores 10 satisfaction.
-The Cash Shop sells (currently/only) Quality Pet Feed in Bundles (prices vary due to Events/Amount bought)—at this moment for 30 it is 20 G-Coin.

-Quality Pet feed boosts Satisfaction by 30% and Loyalty by 20%


How the Cash Shop Looks for Quality Feed:


Naming Pets:

-The name of the Pet is defaulted to what the Pet is called (i.e. Lizardman is called Lizardman, or Snowman is named Snowman).
-You can name your pet by buying a Name Card in the Cash Shop.

After the Name Card is used it disappears. You can buy another Name Card to rename your pet again.

-Each pet also has 2 sub-bonuses named Bonus 1 and Bonus 2. These vary on the pet you have.

-Only 1 Sub-bonus is given at a time and as long as you meet the requirements. The requirements are usually based on the amount of Loyalty the Pet has for you. [/indent]
How the Name Card in the Cash Shop looks:


Credits & Sources

Pet Guide by tvONROP