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PK Guide by SQL Injection

The Guide

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There are two types of PvP zones in Soul of the Ultimate Nation. Open Conflict (Red) zones are
ones where you can PK (Player Kill) freely without any penalty. Free Conflict (Orange) zones
are ones where you cannot PK freely. You can PK however, but you will get a ban lasting
from 20 -> 268 hours.

Open Conflict zones
-Path of the Alchemist

Free Conflict zones
-Path of the Alchemist

If you PK more than 5 people in an orange zone, your name will become orange and you will
become a murderer. You will be in this state for 20 hours and while in this state, ALL NPCs will
not do business with you except storage NPCs. You can't buy items, you can't sell items, and
you can't open a shop. If you still continue PKing, your name will become red, and you cannot
do quests, go into an instance, FFA for anyone to PK except in a town, and your item's durability
will drop to 0.

When you die after being PKed, you will drop an item from your equipment. The PKer can pick up
said item. Once you get PKed more than 5 or so times, the person who PKed you will be on your
revenge list, and you can teleport to him to kill him at any time.