Chapter 00: Esod


Format of quest descriptions:

Starting NPC —> Ending NPC
If only one NPC is listed, the quest begins and ends with that NPC
If no tasks are listed, talk to the two NPCs
Rewards: heims and experience
Rewards: Additional items
Rewards: Optional items

Esod Quests

You start with two T0 Rank E+12 weapons
Completing the Esod quests gets you a full set of T0 Rank E +12 armor
These +12 items are good for quite a while


Lucid —> Eimon
1. Talk to Lucid to begin the Esod Quests
2. Talk to Eimon
200H and 10xp

A New Soldier of Esod

Eimon —> Coleman
Talk to Coleman
300H and 23xp
L1 Recovery Pot (+200HP) x3

Liberation Army Test 1

Coleman —> Udo
Go west and kill 3 [L1 Beastman Sentry]
400H and 23xp
Recovery Pot (+200HP) x3
T0 Apprentice Champion's Armor E+12 (chest)
NOTE: T0 stands for Tier 0 aka Tutorial armor/weapons

Liberation Army Test 2

Udo —> Eimon
Kill 3 [L1 Beastman Sentry]
550H and 30xp
Recovery Pot Lv1 (+200HP) x3
T0 Pants E+12

Liberation Army Test 3

Eimon —> Raymond
Click on chest with red exclamation point to collect item
Go uphill to east through stone gate
Talk to Raymond
650H and 38xp
L1 Recovery Pot (+200HP) x3
T0 Gloves E+12

To Spirit Woods

Raymond —> Scout at Southern Forest (Spirit Woods)
Go through the portal to the south
Talk to Scout at Southern Forest
450H and 45XP
L1 Recovery Pot (+200HP) x3

Spirit Woods Quests

Spirit Woods

Scout at Southern Forest —> Leon
Use Device next to bridge to extend bridge
Follow path and go north into Swamp
Talk to Leon
250H and 41xp

Lending a Hand

Scout at Northern Forest
Talk to Scout at the Northern Forest
Kill 3 [L1 Normal Beastman Sentry]
Talk to Northern Scout
450H and 55xp
Lesser Rejuvenation Pots (+80HP) x5

Leon's Test 1

Leon —> Leon
Kill 3 L1 Beastman Sentry
400H and 69XP
T0 Helmet E+12, L1 Potion of Bravery x3

Leon's Test 2

Leon —> Leon
Collect 5 Mystery Ether Ore
Click on the blue glowing orbs tangled in roots
600H and 104XP
T0 Boots E+12, L1 Potion of Velocity x3

Captured Soldier

Leon —> Captured Liberator
Go west and south
Click on the gates
Kill the [L1 Normal Beastman Sentry] x2 and [L2 Normal Beastman Sentry]
Go inside the fence and talk to the [Captured Liberator]
550H and 104XP
T0 Protector E+12 (shoulders), L1 Berserk Potion x3

Esod Town in Danger 1

Captured Liberator —> Leon
Talk to Captured Liberator
Talk to Leon
600H and 212xp
T0 Belt E+12, L1 Recovery Pot x5

Esod Town in Danger 2

Leon —> Lucid (Esod)
Go down the steps and go through portal
Go west and talk to Lucid

Esod Quests

Attack from the Empire

Lucid —> Lucid
Talk to Lucid
Talk to Lucid again
325H and 194xp
T0 Shirt E+12, Lesser Rejuvenation Pot x5

Escapse from Esod 1

Lucid —> Eyd
Talk to Lucid
Kill 2 [L2 Beastman Sentry] east of the stump
Kill 3 [L2 Beastman Sentry] west of the stump
Kill the [L4 Beastman Sentry] by west gates
Go west and talk to Eyd
675H and 245xp

Escape from Esod 2

Eyd —> Irhanna (Waldchen)
Talk to Eyd
Click on the stone with the blue rune next to Eyd
Go through the Portal to Waldchen
Talk to Irhanna
425H and 295xp

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