Rank Up


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Rank Up System

Equipment requirement type:
Ex. If 1 item is VIT/STR, the other has to be VIT/STR.
Ex. If 1 item is INT/CIR, the other has to be INT/CIR and not INT/SPI.

-Say if you have a +2 VIT/STR Weapon or Armor E Rank and you have another Weapon Armor at +7—you must enchant the +2 Weapon or Armor to +7 in order to Rank it up.

-Say if you have a +7 Weapon or Armor and want to Rank Up with a +9 Weapon or Armor, you just need to get +8 on the +7 Weapon or Armor to Rank it up properly.

Ranking tree: (E)->(D)->(C)->(B)->(A-)->(A)->(A+)->(S-)->(S)->(S+)

E Rank: Original Clean Weapon/Armor
D Rank: 2 Weapons/Armors at E Rank
C Rank: 2 at D Rank
B Rank: 2 at C Rank
A- Rank: 2 at B Rank +7
A Rank: 2 at A- Rank
A+ Rank: 2 at A Rank +10
S- Rank: 2 at A+ Rank
S Rank: 2 at S- Rank
S+ Rank: 2 at S Rank


-Each time you Rank Up a Weapon or Armor you get a bonus.
-Keep in mind some Accessories can be Ranked Up as well, but only to B Rank.

List of bonuses can be found here (Acknowledgments to Sheri): http://forums.ijji.com/showthread.php?t=706592

Tip on keeping the bonus you got:

-When you Rank Up, try combining the same two bonuses

Tip on getting a bonus you want:

-Figure out what Bonus combination gives what.

Ex. SPI+2 and SPI+2 may give AGI+2

-Not 100% Guaranteed


Rank Up Weapons

The Magic Resistance, Fire Resistance, etc.. reduces your target's resistance, it does not enhance yours.

Rank Up Armor


Necklace Rank Up


Ring Rank Up

Reduce PDef affects the target, not the wearer.