Rank Up Vs Divine Weapons


[Rank Up vs. Divine Weapons by Prelude]


Benefits and detriments of both divine and ranked up gear.

Divine Advantages
High attack
Unique glow effect by default
Easy to sell/obtain.

Divine Disadvantages
Hard to Rank Up

Rank Up Advantages
Additional bonuses : Extra stats, elemental damage, reducing resistance, etc. can/will be effective.
With luck, may out perform divine equipment.

Rank Up Disadvantages
Gets more expensive as tier increases.
Need to enchant a lot to rank up to the highest degree.
Can be very frustrating

Class Examination

White (Store bought) weapons (0 ~ 0) vs. divine weapons ( +x ~ +x).

Stat Berserker : Axes (+14 MinAtk ~ +25 MaxAtk) // Swords (+10 MinAtk ~ +17 MaxAtk)
Skill Berserker: Axes (+13 MinAtk ~ +23 MaxAtk) // Swords (+10 MinAtk ~ +17 MaxAtk)

Stat D.Knight : Swords (+4 MinAtk ~ +8 MaxAtk) // Spears (+5 MinAtk ~ +9 MaxAtk)
Skill D.Knight: Swords (+4 MinAtk ~ +7 MaxAtk) // Spears (+5 MinAtk ~ +8 MaxAtk)

Stat Valkyrie : XBows (+3 MinAtk ~ +6 MaxAtk) // Cannon (+12 MinAtk ~ +24 MaxAtk)
Skill Valkyrie: XBows (+2 MinAtk ~ +5 MaxAtk) // Cannon (+12 MinAtk ~ +24 MaxAtk)

For Elementalists, the increase of attack power is not linear, but their divines obviously outperform their white weapons.


Comparing B Rank +7 Attack Power to E Rank divine weapons.

At D Rank Bonus go for +3 Attack Power.
At C Rank, Attack Speed +3 is good but any bonus can fit here depending on your need.
At B Rank, aim again for Attack Power, this time it'll be +4.

Now your white weapon is B Ranked; +7 Attack Power.

Divines will always have a greater attack power than a B ranked store bought weapon. Always use divines.

Dragon Knight
Ranking up to B with +7 Attack Power can be better. For Combats/Dragonics with Swords, you'll gain 3 more
min damage than divines and have the same max damage. For the others, you will always 2~3 min damage
but lose 1~2 max damage. It's your decision. Remember you have a C Rank bonus aswell. In my opinion,
ranking up is a wiser decision.

Ranking up to B with +7 Attack Power is better for crossbows. Ether cannon, divines are clearly better.


Which is better?

Depending on your class and style, ranking up can be better but can also require a lot of patience and Heim.
If you're going to rank up, make sure you compare your budget with the cost of divines.

Things to keep in mind;

Many of the divines in game are already +7/+8 from wonder boxes. If you decide to rank up a store bought
weapon, you'll still have to put money into enchanting to outperform the +7/+8 divines out there.

You would normally need to buy/find 8 E-Rank weapons to get a B Rank. You'll be lucky to get +7 Attack Power
in only 7 E-Rank ups. Realistically, it could take 20+ attempts to get the stats you want.